Informacje ogólne Regulamin pracowni Sylabusy Plany zajęć Opisy ćwiczeń Kolokwia Wykłady


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Work Safety and Sanitary Regulations

compulsory in the students laboratory,

Department of Physical Chemistry,

Faculty of Chemistry UMCS




Laboratory tasks can be done only in the presence of the instructor from the Department of Physical Chemistry who conducts them.


In the laboratory room there can stay only students doing experiments, who are obliged to wear protective clothes (aprons, glasses and gloves). The outer garments must be left in the cloakroom.


Students should be prepared to do tasks according to the instructions attached to each of them.


Smoking and eating is forbidden in the laboratory rooms


At the workshop the student is an absolute ban on being the influence of alcohol or other drugs


Mobile phones, smartphones, i – pods, MP 3 players etc… must not be used in laboratory rooms.


Only students doing a particular task can be present at the laboratory table.


It is not allowed to run or talk loudly in the laboratory room and the intention of leaving it must be reported to the instructor.


In the measuring position there can be only apparatus, reagents, laboratory glassware and material for doing a given task.


The position (apparatus, laboratory glassware and reagents) should be inspected before doing the task.
The faultiness e. g. jagged or broken glass vessels, damaged instruction of conductors, damaged plugs and sockets should be reported immediately to the instructor.


Students are obliged to report leakage of pressure reducing valves and supply conduits.


High toxicity reagents are given by the laboratory assistant in the amount needed for doing an experiment only once.


Connecting voltage to the studied system can be done only in the presence of the instructor after measuring set inspection and agreement given by him.


After connecting voltage, no other switching – over must be done in the electric power system which is inconsistent with the instructions.


Experiments can be done only in the position assigned for it. Only allocated laboratory equipment and apparatus must be used. Laboratory glassware and reagents must not be taken from other experimental sets.


Due to personal safety and reagents economy only the experiments and measurements pointed out to by the instructor should be done. Disobeying this regulation can cause students dismissal from the laboratory.


The work position must be maintained clean the whole time. There should be perfect order on the laboratory table.


It is not allowed to take the bottles with reagents from the shelves. After pouring a reagent, a bottle should be corked and put in the right place.


Silver remains should be collected in a special vessel.


In a case of being spilt over with concentrated acid or lye cut or burn the student should ask the instructor for help.


Before igniting a burner, one should check if the hose is tightly fixed and not broken. In the case of flame striking back, the gas flow must be closed and air influx into the burner chimney significantly reduced. Then the burner should be ignited again. Gas valves must be checked if they are closed before leaving the laboratory room.


Spent organic solutions must be poured into suitably marked containers.


Individual service of switchgears in the laboratory and corridor as well as repair or exchange of safety devices are not allowed. Only in the case of need, the electric current in the room should be switched off by lowering the main electric current circuit – breaker.


When the task is done, the laboratory glassware should be washed and checked if it is not broken. Any damages of it should be reported to the instructor.


It should be remembered that human skin is permeable not only for gases but also solids such as: HgCl2, fatty acid salts and heavy metals etc. and that solution of many substances are poisonous.Therefore one should avoid direct contact with them (not taking off gloves.


Before leaving the laboratory room, the bottles with reagents should be ordered and put on the shelves.
In case of need the laboratory table should be washed.Drawers and lockers must not be littered. Paper, used matches, broken glass etc. should be thrown only into litter bins.


In other cases not included in the regulations, state laws must be observed.




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